Source & Supply

Good food starts with good ingredients! We use only fresh & local: olives & olive oil from Pacific Sun Gourmet; antioxidant, vitamin rich, & heart healthy brown rice bran oil from California Rice Oil Company; sea salt, grains, & flours from Guisto’s Mills; fresh daily breads from Bordenaves; all of our unique condiments (except mayo) are all Made In House and are sugar & chemical free; fresh raw (non irradiated) nuts & dry fruits from Local Markets; seasonal, & organic fruits & vegetables come to us from various farms via Josh at Cecelia's Gardens (the fruit stand man at Tam Junction:);  humane and hormone free cheeses from Petaluma Creamery; and finally - we roast all our own humane & hormone free Turkey, Pork, & Beef fresh daily!!!  It's a lot of work  and it's worth it.