KQED Check Please! Bay Area episode featuring Davey Jones Deli. 

 Pacific Sun

“…one of the best places in [Marin] county to get something to eat.  A prime example of the gourmet sandwich counters popping up in grocery stores around the Bay Area, Davey Jones Deli offers organic, locally sourced, lovingly assembled global-fusion foodstuffs like Mexican-Moroccan meatloaf, coconut curry soup, seasonal fruit salads with fresh mint, vegan wraps brimming with sprouted lentils and dried walnuts, a Punjabi carnitas pulled-pork sandwich, an honest-to-God New Orleans muffaletta and a locally renowned brisket as tender and luscious as a bowl of whipped cream.”


“These guys are awesome, awesome, awesome.”

Our Sausalito

“We are eternal optimists who always expect great new things to happen in Sausalito.   That wish came true just over a year ago when Davey Jones, a resident of the Sausalito Floating Homes community, took over the deli and brought with him a commitment to creating a great place to get food.  He has taken a once-boring spot and turned it into a success…”

Lit Quake

“Davy Jones Deli features pirate chefs making throw-down, improv sandwiches inspired from far flung ports.”

Chow Hound

“… and it just gets better.”

Four Square

“Just have a rough idea of what you want and have [them] freestyle a masterpiece. Been working here seven years and it's the best sandwich place in Sausalito period.

Table Hopper :

“I get invited to a fair number of events, but this is definitely one of a kind.”