Phone the New Bait Shop 415. 331. 2282 and ask for the deli.

For large orders, please fax the shop a day ahead, at 415. 331. 2268, and also call to confirm.


Dear office managers,


We love doing office lunches for 10 – 30 people!  With notice, we can handle 200 people.  Here’s how to make it easy for us all.


For, like, 5 people you can totally just phone it in.  Call the New Bait Shop at 415- 331- 2282, ask for the deli, and expect to come pick up your sandwiches (or salads) in about 30 minutes. 


If you are going to try to order 10 sandwiches, please allow up to an hour.  Better yet, please order well in advance.


For 20 – 30 orders, we really do like/need to know by 2pm the day before.  That gives us just enough time to adjust our bakery, roasting, and prep schedules.  We’re only 1 oven and 5 humans.


There are a couple ways to order our eats…




This is our most popular, easy, and economic: chef’s choice random sandwiches, cut in half, individually wrapped, and well labeled so people can sample. 


Our default is generally 10% vegan wraps (proud top seller!), 15% vegetarian, 10% simple, and the rest will be our exciting and classic meat combinations.


For example, 10 randos may be: 1 vegan wrap, 1 caprese, 1 grandma’s turkey, 2 tpm, 1 uncles, 2 porkslaw, 1 bc, and 1 qbin.  You could request, for example, mostly vegetarian or no pork. 


We can also recommend that you really only need to order 1.5 sandwiches for every 2 people.  (20 sandwiches = 40 halves which is usually perfect for 30 people.)  But, lots of people do order 1 per so as to have some happy leftovers.


To order rando sandos, just phone into the deli between 9 & 5 a day, or two in advance.  You sandwiches will most likely be arranged in an easy to carry and display, up-cycled cardboard box.  If you want to use our little model wooden boats as cute sandwich platters, just ask.  See pics on FB. Please return same day.




You can phone this one in, too.  Just say, for example, “3 vegan wraps, 2 surfin birds, 2 holidays as wraps, 2 lion salads, and one grandmas with pickles and mustard.”




Please fax us a spreadsheet to 415- 331- 2268, for example;


Davey:  rubenesque, spicy, no tomatos

Kristy: Cali w pepperjack, add onions, pickles, & mayo.

BlaZe:  Salad with white cheddar, avocado, and the twerks.


Please include your name, phone number, the date, and time desired. And, also make sure you get a verbal confirmation from us.

And please, remember, it takes us about an hour for 10 orders.  24 hours for 10 or more orders is totally appreciated.







When you come get your eats you can also get: any variety of organic chips, snacks, drinks, coconut water, kombucha, candy, ice cream, wine, beer, booze, dirty mags, crab traps, bait, hunting knives, blunt wrap, cubans, etc. from the New Bait Shop