Captain Chef Dr. Davey Jones & crew commandeered the limited deli space inside the New Bait Shop Market on Memorial Day 2010.  And we sail this old ship very hard, indeed, yaar.

A.J. (owner of the New Bait Shop Market & Deli) and D.J. (seafaring restaurateur) operate contract free on total trust and a handshake!

The captain & crew have traversed many a seas and brought back spices from the Caribbean, slow roasting techniques from Africa and meatloaf prowess from the Great Lakes. 

Our sandwiches are creative concoctions with the likes of mango-chipotle coleslaw with pulled pork, roasted root vegetables with hummus and cranberry compote, and spicy bahn mi style sandwiches made with slow roasted beef and fennel pickle--to name a few. 

Vegans and meat-o-philes equally welcome.  Try the Vegan Wrap.  It is phenomenally good low glycemic protein kick for real sustained energy and good for you!

Check out before we go corporate.  Peas. 

Some ask how we came up with these ideas.  Our menu is not a vision as much as it is a method of balancing what we believe in with a respect to demographics and to what our tiny and limited space can produce.  To call it a kitchen would require a stretch of the imagination--we have no back of the house facilities save what you see and we produce everything with only one electric convection oven and steam heat--no fire, no grease, no sautee, no frying eggs, falafel, french fries.  Just so you know.  Imagine an artist with one brush, we are cooks with no sautee pans.